Thank you for all guests, participants and all the more everyone who played a part in making the #EBSCON possible – and the first #EBSCON has been a total success.

The 3rd November of 2021 has made quite clear: #EBSCON has come to stay and it stands for building bridges for tomorrow – a joint declaration and platform for our tech industry dedicated to creating smart technology that is human-centred, assists society and helps to reach the highest goals in terms of sustainability and security.

So many brilliant minds and individuals of global tech companies, startups and research have demonstrated their efforts in laying the smart bricks 100% made in the Silicon Alps region. In several panels they have drawn a realistic picture of a future we’ll be happy to live in, a future in which technology aids where needed and is never something to be scared of, technology that connects our planet and protects our planet.

Safety done right

At times when the Covid cases in Austria rapidly went up again, we have set out and asked everyone for a test additionally to vaccination. Every one of the almost 250 guests onsite was happy about that and a couple of air purifying devices from our cleanroom experts, Ortner Reinraumtechnik and Cleanroom Technology Austria, added to the feeling of security, as we wanted nothing to stand in the way to keep us from networking and enjoying our time at the #EBSCON.


OPENING KEYNOTE and Deep Dive Talk: Tristan Horx on Megatrends, Gen Z and how Technology will guide the green revolution

SESSION 02: TechTalk on Society 5.0: how tech leads to a smart, sustainable and connected future

SESSION 03: Silicon Success Stories and Startup Pitch Session

SESSION 04: TechTalk on Green Electronics: How to Achieve the Green Transformation with EBS?

SESSION 05: TechTalk on Artificial Intelligence: how AI will guide us into the future

SESSION 06: TechTalk on CyberSecurity: How to protect our future with secure systems?

SESSION 07: Techtalk on Human Capital: Winning the war of Talent in High-Tech


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This was the #EBSCON 2021: an important brick added to building the bridges for tomorrow

November 3rd, 2021, Congress Graz – the #EBSCON has staged the Austrian high-tech industry in a fresh and innovative setting. Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders from the Silicon Alps region stepped into an interactive dialogue with experts from research and a savvy audience to discuss ways into a green and secure future via smart technologies.


Welcome to the EBSCON 2021

One Day – One Goal – One Mission: The world needs EBS more than ever. With less than 10 years left to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN and major setbacks in the wake of the pandemic, we are in the need of rapid and sustainable solutions touching upon all sectors across industries and scientific fields of research.


TESTING IS OBLIGATORY – CoVid-19 Restrictions at #EBSCON

Please arrive with a test certificate! As the pandemic is not over yet and numbers in Austria are increasing, we want to make #EBSCON as safe as possible. We hereby decided we will ask for an antigen test of all participants to minimize the risk. For all on-site guests, we will ask for a valid […]