This was the #EBSCON 2021: an important brick added to building the bridges for tomorrow

November 3rd, 2021, Congress Graz – the #EBSCON has staged the Austrian high-tech industry within a fresh and innovative setting. High-ranking entrepreneurs from the Silicon Alps region stepped into an interactive dialogue with experts from research and a savvy audience to discuss ways into a green and secure future via smart technologies.

The #EBSCON 2021 has been a great event: Over 450 guests were registered, of whom we were able to welcome almost 250 on-site and 200 attended the live stream online. In particular, we are glad we have reached out to 22 nations and the decision to make all discussions available to non-German speakers was received extremely well. The live audience and online participants were interactively networked through our panel app and very involved, which contributed to lively and entertaining discussions.

“The cluster and thus the region received another lighthouse through EBSCON and the countless cooperation talks made the Silicon Alps network from yesterday even stronger!”, so co-managing director Andreas Starzacher. Co-CEO Michael Liebminger had to follow the EBSCON via the live stream, nevertheless extremely satisfied: “The strategic fields of strength in our cluster have gained further momentum today and we are pleased that these important topics are now being continued in our Edit network “!


-> You can rewatch all the sessions and the whole live stream here in this article


The #EBSCON (Electronic Based Systems Conference) has shown: Intelligent technologies point the way to a sustainable, promising future! Following the motto “Building bridges for tomorrow”, the hybrid event on November 3, 2021 created an exciting opportunity for 250 participants on-site to get inspired, exchange ideas, find business partners and take home some fresh food for thought. Registrants could also take part via live stream, not only creating bridges between business and research, but also successfully connecting the realms of the real and the virtual world.

Tristan Horx, Keynote

“Building Bridges for Tomorrow” – the biggest event of the year of the Silicon Alps Cluster set itself the high goal of mastering the challenges of the future with united forces. In the opening keynote, futurologist Tristan Horx spoke about trends and visions and discussed the possibilities of the world of tomorrow and the day after with host Daniel Cronin. In the subsequent panels and presentations, high-ranking representatives of the semiconductor industry shared the stage with bright minds from research institutes and universities to give unique insights into the world of microelectronics by answering a plethora of questions from Cronin and the audience.

Foto: Dr. Erhard Juritsch, Vorsitzender des KWF, Dr. Robert Gfrerer, Geschäftsführer Build! und angehend Silicon Alps, Landesrätin MMag. Barbara Eibinger Miedl, DI Andreas Starzacher, Geschäftsführer Silicon Alps (von links nach rechts)

In the course of the #EBSCON, the current CEO Andreas Starzacher introduced the future Silicon Alps managing director Robert Gfrerer, who is convinced that “with a spirit of innovation and courage, new bridges can be built, as a society only can advance in this way”. The Styrian Provincial Councilor Barbara Eibinger-Miedl was also among the guests and emphasized in her welcoming address that “Styria is definitely an EBS hotspot and for us, as the Province of Styria it is very important to support and promote innovations.” Erhard Juritsch, chairman of the board of the Carinthian economic development agency KWF, emphasized the economic power of the region: “We are proud of the great competitiveness of our entrepreneurs. Regionally, nationally and also internationally.”

In addition to exciting and top-class panel sessions on the topics of society, green technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security and the job market, startups were also offered a stage. “Thanks to #EBSCON, we were able to present our product to the public for the first time and then immediately in front of such a large audience,” said Ines Wöckl, co-founder of Flasher, after the “Silicon Success and Pitch Session”. With 26 other companies, flasher were also part of the lavishly designed exhibition!

450 Gäste aus 22 Nationen – 250 vor Ort

Matchmaking in the Silicon Austria Business Lounge

Networking was another focal point at #EBSCON 2021: in the course of the B2B meetings in the Silicon Austria Business Lounge, inspiring discussions were used to lay the foundation for new collaborations. The participants were also enthusiastic: “With the mix of knowledge transfer, exciting discussions, exhibition and networking, EBSCON was a great opportunity to get to know new people and promote cooperation,” says Brigitta Möstl, CEO & Founder of WeGenics GmbH. “A really varied program was offered and the keynote by Tristan Horx was very exciting and inspiring,” said Simon Löwy, co-founder of the startup Skilltree, enthusiastically.

450 guests from 22 nations

Organizer Silicon Alps Cluster is satisfied. “We are really happy with the success of our first #EBSCON. Over 450 guests participated, of whom we were able to welcome almost 250 on site. Due to the international format held in English, we have reached representatives from 22 nations. The live audience and the online participants were interactively connected through our panel app and highly involved, which was extremely contributed to lively and entertaining discussions,” organizer Hartwin Kostron concludes. Managing director Andreas Starzacher adds: “The cluster and thus the region got another lighthouse with the EBSCON and in the wake of countless cooperation talks from yesterday, the Silicon Alps network emerged even stronger!” Co-CEO Michael Liebminger hat to follow the event via livestream from home, but was nevertheless extremely satisfied: “The strategic fields of strength in our cluster have again gained momentum today and we are pleased to continue working on these important topics in our network”!


Bridges for the future

Eventually, host Daniel Cronin summarized the most important findings from all lectures: “We’ve learned today that technologies play an important part in social life. But in the end, it is the people themselves who develop, use and think further about these technologies. For further development, the right training is required and innovative minds are required who break new ground and thus become an inspiration for others.” The final speech of the #EBSCON by organizer Hartwin Kostron confirmed: “One thing is certain: The world of tomorrow needs innovations that connect our planet and at the same time protect it, and the need for (new) bridges and thus the need for savvy bricklayers will not end.”

Ultimately, the #EBSCON presented itself as a highly successful platform for the region with international potential. At the final after-show networking, the optimism and determination of an industry pursuing a clear, common, great goal could clearly be felt: creating green and secure technologies for a future in which generations will feel comfortable.




EBSCON 22 – Registration is open (limited spots onsite)

Good news for all EBS and Tech enthusiasts – the #EBSCON is back!

After a successful premiere last year, we will again host the conference for the Electronic Based Systems community in Graz, Austria. Again in its second edition, the #EBSCON audience will be enthralled by a loaded program of keynotes, panels, an exhibition area and much more in the heart of the UNESCO old-town of Graz. Following the slogan “building bridges for Tomorrow”, this year we will go international with a strong European focus, discussing the current opportunities and challenges for the EBS industry and their impact on society.


Exhibition 2022

Boarding almost completed, our exhibition is filling up!

#EBSCON is not only a conference, but also a place for networking and exhibtion for Enterprises and Start-Ups!