Building Bridges for Tomorrow

The world needs us, the world needs EBS. In order to preserve our world for our children, we not only need change to happen on a profound and sophisticated level, but we also need change at a fast speed. And we only can be fast if we work together on solutions and find ways to accelerate and combine. However, our lives are already fast-paced and a majority of people in the world are stepping beyond their personal limits every day and that’s where we need technology. However, our lives are already intertwined with technology on so many levels and we need to improve. Our mission is to create smart technologies and make existing technology smarter – technology we can rely upon, we can trust, we can connect with and which leads the path into a sustainable future.

The EBSCON creates a venue for people who dedicate their lives to create an impact on society – be they entrepreneurs, working as engineers or decision-makers in companies or as scientists in research institutions.

Let’s make it our ultimate and common task for this exceptional 3rd of November 2021: building bridges for tomorrow.

The Silicon Alps Team


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EBSCON 22 – Registration is open (limited spots onsite)

Good news for all EBS and Tech enthusiasts – the #EBSCON is back!

After a successful premiere last year, we will again host the conference for the Electronic Based Systems community in Graz, Austria. Again in its second edition, the #EBSCON audience will be enthralled by a loaded program of keynotes, panels, an exhibition area and much more in the heart of the UNESCO old-town of Graz. Following the slogan “building bridges for Tomorrow”, this year we will go international with a strong European focus, discussing the current opportunities and challenges for the EBS industry and their impact on society.


Exhibition 2022

Boarding almost completed, our exhibition is filling up!

#EBSCON is not only a conference, but also a place for networking and exhibtion for Enterprises and Start-Ups!