We have been
awarded the
Austrian Ecolabel

Events can have a considerable ecological footprint. It is our aim to set an example with EBSCON 2021 and to meet in an environmentally friendly manner. The Austrian Ecolabel for “Green Meetings and Green Events” is the first national environmental label which allows the certification of a whole event. Organisers as well as participants and locations are involved in and committed to the greening process to create a truly sustainable event.


On the basis of a comprehensive criteria catalogue, a meeting must comply with requirements in the following fields: environmentally-friendly transport option to the conference venue, mobility on-site and CO2 reduction, green accommodation and

conference venue, sustainable catering and exhibition stands, ecological procurement, environmental material and waste management, sustainable social aspects and communication.


Specific aspects such as event size, equipment and location are addressed using specialised criteria. Moreover, certain features are rewarded, such as the exclusive use of organic food in catering or particular consideration for people with special needs and their families. The event organiser has to demonstrate sustainable mangement principles and sustainable office management.

Suggestions for your everyday life & your
own well-being

  • Separate waste properly
  • Save office paper: use bad copies for notes, make double-sided printouts and copies
  • Shop in an environmentally friendly way, if possible without packaging
  • Choose regional, organic and fair trade food
  • Cycle, walk or use public transport, avoid air travel
  • In the evening, switch off the power strips and turn the heating down or off
  •  Report leaking taps and running toilets
  •  Use intermittent ventilation instead of continuous ventilation
  • Drink enough water – tap water if possible
  • Make sure you have an ergonomically arranged workplace
  • Consider your well-being and that of your colleagues
  • Buy local, seasonal produce

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